At What Age Are Parents To Stop Interfering With Their Teens Decisions

Parents are always a parent but there comes a time when they are to stop interfering with the decisions of their kids
Parent bidding their child goodbye as he leaves home to be start his own life / oralskills1
 Once a parent is always a parent but are parents to remain active all through their lifetime interfering with each and every decisions that their children make? A parent can always be a parent but kids are not always kids.

Respect What Your Teenagers Care About

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You are only a child once but having children affords you the opportunities of re-living your childhood lifestyles/experiences again and again.
The teen years happens to be one of the most difficult and interesting one at the same time.

Are You Giving Your Teenagers Enough Space To Explore The World Around Them?
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We can't hide it any longer than view it as what we all did as teenagers. Though we may not come out completely open with all the details, at least for some reasons best known to us individually.

Should Parents Apologize To Their Children For Being Wrong?

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Be parent enough to accept your mistakes/
Oops! I got this wrong but how can I scoop so low before the kids and accept my mistake? Anyway I will just pretend as if nothing much has happened, after all they are just little children. Wrong xxx!!

Some parents say this to themselves and act it just as said but it's wrong and they would not be doing their children much good by not being sorry and bold enough to accept their mistakes.

Teaching Our Children To Have A Healthy View Of Sex

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  Sexual matters among the children is one topic that involves a whole lot of tactics to safely have it passed to the minors without creating uneasiness along the way. So many factors such as their age and mental dispositions are usually considered before moving on to the dreaded topic.

 Firstly it begins with naming parts of the body and as parents, when it gets to mentioning their private parts, we either skip them or give it one name or the other based on their age, probably around 8-10years as suggested by sex experts, but as time goes on the explanations gets clearer with much details being added.