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President Buhari Thanks Nigerians For Their Prayers On His Behalf

The Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has expresses gratitude to Nigerians for offering prayers for his health and well-being.


From all indications, the OBAMACARE foundation is now giving way to becoming TRUMPCARE.

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trump takes over obamacare

At What Age Are Parents To Stop Interfering With Their Teens Decisions

Parents are always a parent but there comes a time when they are to stop interfering with the decisions of their kids
Parent bidding their child goodbye as he leaves home to be start his own life / oralskills1
 Once a parent is always a parent but are parents to remain active all through their lifetime interfering with each and every decisions that their children make? A parent can always be a parent but kids are not always kids.

Respect What Your Teenagers Care About

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You are only a child once but having children affords you the opportunities of re-living your childhood lifestyles/experiences again and again.
The teen years happens to be one of the most difficult and interesting one at the same time.